Our History

Our founder and managing director, Sam Cinkir, has many years of experience in various aspects of aesthetics and is committed to bringing the biggest smile to your face. For almost two decades, Sam has been delivering the best beauty services through combining bespoke aesthetic solutions with derma-aesthetic technologies.

Established in 2015, Este Medical Group opened their first clinic in Birmingham. Since then, Sam has successfully opened more branches across the UK and worldwide. With clinics in Italy, Bangladesh and Turkey, Sam is excited to continue to grow and expand the Este Medical Group globally.

Treating over 1,000 clients on average in each UK clinic every day, Este offers a clinic experience like no other. From the moment you enter the doors, our consultants will make you feel welcomed and informed ready for your consultation and treatment.

Sam believes that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and his main goal was to provide everyone access to quality treatments at affordable prices. Este wants to help improve people's self-esteem, confidence and remove self-imposed limitations.

With high-profile personalities among our client list, we're a recognised professional within our industry. Sam has a warm, empathetic and understanding nature, and is an internationally renowned trichologist of an award-winning clinic.

Our Missions

At Este Medical Group, our priority is providing exceptional customer service to our clients. Our mission is simple yet profound: helping people discover their true beauty, regain their confidence, and embrace their uniqueness. We are not your typical medical spa; we’re a haven of innovation, compassion, and inclusivity. We are committed to our international quality standards, which holds a high level of ethical values.

With a team of highly experienced estheticians and consultants, we are proud to be one of the region's leading health and esthetic providers. Our professional team has an extensive knowledge base and is committed to providing you with innovative treatments and exceptional customer service. We are proud to have been recognized and awarded for our achievements in the beauty industry, with several accolades including a 5-star Trustpilot rating.

Our Vision

At Este Medical Group, our vision is to create a sustainable organization by being reliable and trustworthy to our clients. We accept the roles and responsibilities of being a global industry leader, which is why we are committed to offering the most cutting-edge treatments and procedures.

Our Values

Our values at Este Medical Group are to remain ethical, transparent and honest; as global industry leaders in the medical esthetic industry. We strive to remain innovative and technologically advanced, offering the newest treatments and updated device models. We also value client satisfaction and employee retention, as this is a core principal we pride ourselves on.

Sam's Interview from Launch Night

Sam has a great deal of experience and he has seen, first hand, how customer care can seriously alter depending on the person requesting the treatment.
Sam wants Este Medical treatments and procedures to be available to everybody – no matter their economic background, postcode, religion, race or the car they drive. Sam believes that everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and he has worked hard to ensure Este Medical clinics deliver a service free from prejudice, at prices everyone can afford.