Fat Freezing

What Is Fat Freezing?

Our Este Medical Group clinic does the best fat freezing New York has to offer. Our fat reduction treatment is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want invasive liposuction. At Este New York we use non-surgical technology to literally freeze your fat cells, making them disappear — this fat elimination process is called cryolipolysis.

Because when the latest fad diets don’t shift the weight, nor do all the spin classes in New York City, it is time to consider this safe and effective method of eliminating fat that just won’t budge from your body. Fat freezing can help you to get rid of stubborn and unwanted body fat. Our fat freezing Long Island clinic uses CoolTech® technology to target problem areas of the body (i.e., abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper arms) in order to reduce fat deposits.

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Is Fat Freezing For Me?

If you are looking for a painless, non-invasive fat reduction method then our Este fat freeze New York clinic is for you. Fat freezing will help you achieve your body shape goals by targeting specific areas of your silhouette; CoolSculpting® technology stimulates your body to naturally eliminate fat. With this safe and proven treatment, Este Medical Group can help improve your figure by focusing on specific areas of the body to freeze fat, for instance you can reduce fat from the tummy area or midriff, your upper arms, buttocks, and thighs. 

Fat Freezing Before and After
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How Does Fat Freezing Work?

Our fat freezing New York clinic uses CoolSculpting® technology to target body fat. During a fat freeze session you can expect a handheld device to be passed over the treatment area; CoolSculpting® uses vacuum pressure and controlled cooling on the area of the body being treated — you can expect the vacuum applicator to be applied to the treatment area along with cooling panels. Through a process called cryolipolysis your body’s lymphatic system will respond to the freeze treatment by removing and reducing stimulated fat cells naturally. How many times you need to treat a particular area depends on how your body stores fat and the size of the treatment area. For permanent results it is recommended you complete all the treatment sessions advised by your Este consultant; that may be anywhere from one to three sessions about six to eight weeks apart.

What Technology Does Este Use?

At Este New York, and all our clinics worldwide, we use advanced CoolSculpting® technology as it has a solid reputation and proven results eliminating stubborn fat from problem areas of the body. The CoolSculpting® fat freezing treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive, and pain-free; an excellent alternative to liposuction. Depending on the areas being treated, a fat freeze session is about 60 minutes and is not uncomfortable, you can easily talk on the phone or work from an iPad without discomfort. You will begin to see results approximately three weeks after your first treatment, and the best results are experienced at about 12 weeks after treatment

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