HydraFacial New York Treatment

HydraFacial is a popular all-in-one beauty treatment that can address several skin concerns at once — maybe your skin is congested and dull looking, blackheads around the nose and lips, dehydrated or feeling too oily — whatever the combination, this treatment will instantly restore a healthy, fresh glow to your face!

Our Long Island Este clinic offers a HydraFacial New York treatment that will immediately improve your skin texture, tone, and appearance. This patented skincare treatment involves a microdermabrasion-like exfoliation combined with in-depth cleansing, intensive hydration, and collagen boosting. A HydraFacial treatment is excellent at deep exfoliation; it removes all that gunk and debris blocking up your pores; plus the deep-clean balances sebum production and allows for better absorption of hydrating and healing serums and creams. Your skin will love this treatment! And it’s gentle enough to have every week if you want.

These are common skin concerns that a HydraFacial treatment will help improve.

Dull, dry skin: often due to improper exfoliation; HydraFacial treatment will also boost collagen production and infuse skin with moisture

Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples: HydraFacial exfoliation will remove pore-clogging impurities; resurfacing will diminish look of acne scars

Pigmentation: treatment serums, rich in antioxidants, help reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation; resurfacing improves overall skin tone

Wrinkles: treatment minimizes pore size and diminishes fine lines; anti-aging benefits through collagen production

Oily skin: treatment clears excess sebum and clogging dead skin cells

Sun damage: rehydrates skin, reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation

Saggy skin: treatment boosts collagen and elastin beneath the surface, overall helps to tighten and lift the skin

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How does a HydraFacial treatment work?

Our Long Island HydraFacial treatment is far from being superficial! It gets down deep into the skin’s surface to clean better than most basic facials. Here’s how it works.

This medical grade facial starts with a deep clean using what feels like a mini vacuum cleaner to extract dirt and debris from the face. This process stimulates lymphatic draining to detoxify your skin and increase circulation beneath the skin’s surface. All this vacuuming brings pore clogging impurities (e.g., excess sebum, dead skin cells) to the surface which are then exfoliated away. Our clients love this stage and report that their skin has never felt cleaner!

After the HydraFacial deep cleanse it’s time to address surface texture, tone and hydration. The skin’s surface is treated with a gentle solution containing glycolic acid (exfoliates, increases skin cells, boosts collagen) and salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial) to further refine the pores and surface texture plus firm and brighten. Another gentle solution is then applied with a combination of honey extract and salicylic acid to soothe and heal. It is followed by a mix of antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that plump and moisturize the skin at a very deep level.

A LED light bath completes the treatment. This skin-safe, low-level light therapy has many skincare benefits; it will stimulate production of collagen (i.e., protein responsible for younger-looking skin), reduce redness, help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.    

After a 1-hour Este New York HydraFacial you will radiate health. With instant results, your skin will glow and look younger. Get in touch with our Este Long Island skincare and beauty clinic to book this treatment today.

hydraFacial before and after
hydraFacial before and after
HydraFacial Skin Treatment
HydraFacial Skin Treatment
HydraFacial Skin Treatment

Can a HydraFacial help me?

Absolutely! Our HydraFacial in Long Island can target many common skin issues all at once. It instantly improves the look and feel of your face. HydraFacial is one of the best exfoliating, deep-cleaning, anti-aging treatments available. Many skin problems are the consequence of not properly exfoliating your skin, they include: dull, dry skin, persistent acne, uneven skin tone, pronounced wrinkles, and excessively oily skin. HydraFacial will improve all of these conditions — this treatment has an almost inexhaustible list of benefits.  

After a HydraFacial your skin will be in optimal condition. Your face will feel smoother and have more volume, the color will be more even, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, the face is lifted and firmer, and most importantly your skin will be super squeaky clean like never before. Having a HydraFacial is like all the best Instagram beauty filters on your face simultaneously!

Put your best face forward with an Este New York HydraFacial Treatment! Take a look at our gallery of before-and-after treatment photos on this web page.

Visia Digital Skin Analysis

Este clinics worldwide use Visia Digital Skin Analysis to evaluate the true condition of your skin. The information a Visia digital imaging scan provides will reveal skin issues on and below the surface. It is an effective method to measure damage to the skin as well as pinpoint deeply congested areas in need of treatment.

A Visia skin analysis provides a scientific, multi-dimensional portrait of your skin which an Este skincare expert can then use to make recommendations. The data gathered during a skin assessment will allow you to make smart choices about available Este Medical Group treatments in New York City.

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Hydrafacial NY
HydraFacial treatment video NY

HydraFacial Skin Treatment

HydraFacial Skin TreatmentHydraFacial New York treatmentHydraFacial
HydraFacial resultHydraFacial before afterHydraFacial treatment

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