Chemical Peel

What Is a Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are an excellent way to accelerate new skin cell growth in the epidermis; the treatment will fast-forward your skin’s natural exfoliating ability to renew the upper layers of skin on your face and neck, resulting in a fresh glow and more youthful appearance.  

An Este New York chemical peel treatment is customized to address individual client needs, which may include anything from dull skin and fine lines to acne scarring and pigmentation. During this skin-resurfacing procedure a topical chemical solution is applied to the skin’s surface and essentially ‘peels’ off the surface layer of skin being treated, allowing for healthy cell regrowth in the epidermis. The new skin being exposed is smoother, more even in color, and looks younger.

It’s a simple and safe treatment, most often applied to the face and neck and sometimes the hands. Our Long Island chemical peel removes the old, damaged layer of top skin and stimulates healthy new skin cell growth. The Este Medical Long Island, New York chemical peel treatments can vary depending on the concern being addressed. Typically chemical peels have three different depths: light, medium, and deep — find out why below. An Este Skin Assessment will best reveal the most appropriate chemical peel and level of depth for you depending on underlying issues and your ultimate beauty goals.

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Can a Chemical Peel Help Me?

Yes, a chemical peel has many benefits and can be considered part of a regular beauty treatment routine, for some clients that will be once a month, and for others maybe once a year. One of the big benefits is, a professional chemical peel will achieve much better results than any drugstore exfoliator you use at home. We’re not saying give up your at home routine of cleansing and exfoliating, but that a chemical peel will renew your skin faster, and at a higher level.

An Este New York chemical peel can be customized to address many issues including: fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne scars, sun damage, pigmentation marks, discoloured skin, bumpy texture, and facial folds — this treatment will help!

The treatment is essentially an accelerated chemical exfoliation to renew and refresh the top layer of skin making it brighter in appearance with fewer visible lines and better texture. Depending on the depth of the peel, skin marks and scars can be diminished, and skin color will look more even. Overall you will walk away with a more youthful and improved appearance.

Chemical peel Long Island before and after
chemical peel New York

How Does It Work?

During your Long Island chemical peel treatment, a topical chemical solution is applied to the skin’s surface which prompts the epidermis to shed old, dead skin cells making room for new cells to grow and renew the top layer of skin.  

Facial treatment example: during a chemical peel your face will be cleaned, your hair protected and your eyes covered. The chemical solution is gently applied to your skin, left on for a couple of minutes, then it is neutralized and removed — it’s a quick procedure. For a light depth peel pain relief is not usually required, but for a medium to deep peel you may require a sedative and painkiller. Post-treatment, an Este skincare specialist will advise you on essential ‘peel’ aftercare, so you can maximize the treatment benefits and enjoy the results for as long as possible.

Chemical peels generally have three different depths: light, medium, and deep. All are safe and effective. Prior to your treatment, an Este expert will recommend the best option to achieve your skincare and beauty goals.  

Light: This is the most superficial chemical peel option that targets just the epidermis (i.e., top layer of skin). It is used to treat fine lines, acne, dull and uneven skin tone. It is gentle enough to have every two to six weeks.

Medium: This peel will target skin at the epidermis layer and the upper part of the dermis (i.e., the skin’s middle inner layer). It is used to treat wrinkles, acne scars, dull and uneven skin tone. To maintain results long-term you may have to repeat the treatment within a specific timeframe recommended by an Este skincare specialist.    

Deep: This is the deepest level for a chemical peel and it will treat deeper wrinkles, scars, and skin growths (as recommended by your doctor). To achieve the full effect this treatment most often does not have to be repeated. But a discussion with an Este specialist will identify the best next steps for optimal skincare.  

Initial chemical peel results may be subtle, but will increase with repeated treatments. Much depends on the depth of your peel; for instance, after a medium chemical peel skin will be noticeably smoother; and after a deep peel skin will undergo a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of treated areas (e.g., face, neck, hands…).

What Can a Peel Treat?

Chemical peels can address a multitude of skin issues at once, which makes it an ideal skincare treatment to add to your beauty routine.  

  • Fine lines, deeper wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone and color
  • Acne, scarring
  • UV and sun damage
  • Pigmentation (hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation)
  • Millia (tiny white bumps, pimples or cysts)
  • Bumpy, uneven texture
  • Facial folds

Some of these common skin complaints can be dealt with instantly in one treatment, and other issues may require more than one treatment to achieve desired results.

chemical peel before and after

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